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The Beginning of the End
Submitted By Sprawl on 10/12/02
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I awoke. My hovercraft had been opened and MacDane was tending to my wounds. I sat up immediately, only to become abruptly dizzy and fall backward.
"You've had concussion, Commander," said MacDane.
"That's evident..." I croaked. MacDane was not smiling, nor was he remotely happy.
"Is there something you neglected to tell us?" I looked at MacDane, trying to think of anything. I noticed Richardson sitting in the corner.
"Well...there is one thing, but I thought nothing of it."
"Go ahead." I sat up slowly, my vocal chords gradually repairing themselves.
"When I left, I heard a large explosion. As I said, I thought nothing of it, but it allowed me to escape. Frederiksen seemed terrified." MacDane's eyes widened.
"This could be more serious then you could possibly imagine."
"More serious? How could it be more serious then being attacked by a whole fleet of Frederiksen's tanks!" MacDane shook his head violently.
"Those were not Frederiksen's tanks, Commander. There was but one aggressor." I frowned.
"But that doesn't make any sense."
"Let me explain."
"Please do."
""What Frederiksen does not understand or even realise is that Synthetium emits a unique radiation. This radiation has the potential to mutate. This mutation however does not weaken. We tested this on a mouse...soon we had a violent, larger creature, with pronounced claws and a rigid, resistant skeleton." Richardson scowled.
"You tested this?"
"Yes, and it was necessary, so that we knew to destroy all the remaining Synthetium on Earth. There was no practical use. But if Frederiksen has found some on Mars, then he could be releasing all sorts of demons."
"Then what effect would a large amount of Synthetium have...on a human?"
MacDane gasped.
"On a human?" He regained his cool. "Death...or colossal mutation."
"Then..." I raised my eyebrows. "What attacked us?" But MacDane did not answer my question.
"Commander Richardson, we ought to focus on retrieving Commander Falconer and his team. I have just the idea." And he held up a large stone of Dolvium Ore, grinning. "Just needs a little...electrolysis."
* * * *
The helicopters brought down heavy heat rays on the ice. The Dolvium alloyed with the rays' core had increased the power of the heat rays by a long margin. The ice was gradually melting, water gushing down onto the crimson dust. Soon, the first hovercraft of Falconer's team was towed out by one of our tanks.
In the meantime, I engaged in conversation with MacDane.
"So...apart from Mutation and Weapons and Defense Amplification, what can Synthetium actually do?" MacDane was pensive for a moment.
"Not much, actually. The only other possible use for it is actually manufacturing but alloying it in the power cores to speed up the process and make it more accurate. But the mutation factor is too great."
"That's an interesting prospect. I guess Synthetium could be half-useful if we removed the mutation factor."
"And the weapon amplification factor."
"Surely that would be useful?"
"No, the weapons would be tyrannical, far too powerful. Not good, Commander."
"If you insist..." Suddenly there was a great cry of joy, and we rushed to the balcony. Down below at the mine, a red hovercraft was being towed out.
Commander Falconer had been rescued.

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