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What to make of him...we do not know...
Submitted By Sprawl on 10/12/24
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THOSE THAT ROAM I: We Haven't Finished Yet
I think that they began to accept me. I became a respected member of their team, and they treated me as an equal. We got along, and I was as skilled as they were. I thought of Commander Falconer, Commander Richardson, and Captain MacDane; I almost missed them. But they had made so many mistakes - now was my time to shine. This was the reason why I had come to Mars. To explore. Falconer had lived his dream, as had MacDane and Richardson. Now I was living mine.
So it happened one day, while we were cruising near the Tnassa Mountains, that an X7 swooped down in front of us. We came to a halt, and the X7s wings fizzled out. The forcefields linked, and a man slid out from the vehicle. Flynn, Kruncher, and I went out to meet him. He was tall, thin, and had a Taphrium Sniper Rifle slung over his back. He held out his hand first to Flynn, then to Kruncher, then to me.
"My name is Sitfig," he nodded to Flynn. "I see you are a brave little band of warriors. But really, you don't stand a chance." Kruncher shoved him back.
"Oh what, and you do?" he growled.
"Get off me!" Sitfig snapped. "Listen, I know what you're looking for. Wilder Frederiksen."
"Frederiksen's dead," I sighed. Sitfig laughed.
"You see? YOU SEE? This is why you don't stand a chance. Frederiksen's not dead, he's just injured, okay?" I was taken aback.
"If this is true," I said. "We could be in very great danger." I turned to the hunter. "Sitfig, if you can, lead us to Frederiksen. We could take him out together." Sitfig burst out laughing again.
"Are you joking? You're crazy - Frederiksen has over twenty battlecraft. How many would we have? TWO!"
Flynn interjected quickly.
"This tank has the strength of ten, and Frederiksen's main vehicle is the hovercraft. We should be able to easily defeat him." Sitfig pondered this for a moment, then grinned.
"Okay, Captain Flynn. Let's do this. But we must take inventory. I have a lot of long range high power weapons. You seem to have much of the opposite. If we combine these strengths, we should be able to take them out." I smiled.
"Then my revenge will be complete..." Kruncher asked me what I meant, but I just winked, and strolled back to the ship.

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It's gettin' good!

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