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This may have poorly pronunciation and bad paragraph endings, but who cares
July 16, 2142
Light. A thing that has color but it isn't there. When you open your eyes, the first thing you see is light. It's everywhere...everywhere. This is mark myers. This is my log. I am trapped on... something. I will tell you everything that I know. I am going to start in 2135.
June 14, 2135
This all started with that asteroid mining project (AMP) in 2050. Ever since that AMP, everyone became mad with greed. First, it was fighting. Then wars. After, nuclear wars. Lastly, bio-nuclear wars.
EARTH was literally hell. If you lived on it for one day... you would wish that you were in hell.
The president of USA (nobody knows what it means. They say that it was once a great country before the AMP), John Stewart, said he will be launching all of the population, 435, counting me, onto mars. "Mars?" I thought. "What's a mars?"
"Mars..." The president said, "... is a giant round ball. Like the EARTH but smaller. It has two MOONS revolving around it."
"WOW!" Someone said.
"Indeed." The president said in a loud voice. With that smirky smile. I always hated that smile. 
June 21, 2137
I was in my cap watching a movie, Meet the Robinson's. It was made before the AMP. I always dreamt of EARTH being like that instead of the wasteland that it was. "Attention" That broken walkie-talkie said. "Everyone is suppose to be in area 2 in 20 minutes. I repeat, 20 minutes." 
"Uhhg" Jackson said. "Who cares. We're all going to die anyways.
"Grow a fricken pair you ass." I said
"Shut up!" Hana said. " I am trying to go to sleep for the last 20 minutes that I AM GOING TO BE ON THS GOD FORSAKEN EARTH!"
"You suck at your grammar, Hana." I said.
"HA!" Jackson said.
20 minutes past and us three, or team beta, went to area 2. It was nice. But there were only 3 areas. 
I, then, turned around and saw a giant thing. It was like a arrow with wings.
A big TV popped out of the ground. And, of course, the president was on it.
"The sky king" He said " It has 2 escape pods. The sky monster and the sky cruiser. It also has a special vehicle that I call the buggy. But they're only 200 of them."
The TV then showed a piture of one.
"WOW!" Jackson said. "I got to get me one of them."  
Three hours past and everyone was on the... sky king. It was pulled, by a couple of unmanned tanks, to a giant cannon. I believe it is called "blastah." 
The big sky king went into the, even bigger, cannon. And was shot up in the air. 8,000,000 feet! I then puked all over Hana. 
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