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Entree July 17, 2142

July 1, 2137
       The light was beautiful as the spaceship flew.
  "A bunch of stars" I said to the person right beside me.
  "It isn't stars" he said in a nasal voice. "it is gravitons being absorbed by the sky kings enersphere. They are then turned into hydrogen atoms and are lead to the ship's nuclear fusers. They are fused together and the energy is used as fuel."
  I starred at him, feeling like an idiot. "OK..."
  "Matt." he said. "My name. Matt"
  "Cool. What brings you here?" I blurted; wishing that I didn't said that.
 "The usual." He said. "EARTH was destroyed so I went into a giant spaceship and ran away." Matt said sarcastically. 
  "HA Ha." I said. "What job do you... or did you have?"
  "I was a pilot."
  "Did you go on any adventures?" I said punching him in the arm.
  "I was a test pilot. Although, I did find something mysterious."
 "What!" I yelled.
 "There was this keyhole. The key to the jet couldn't open it. And it had the strangest shape." Matt said.
 "What was the shape?"
  "It was a little h." Matt said.
  "Strange." I said.
  "Indeed." he said.

July 2, 2137
   I woke up in my room. Jackson and Hana were there as well because they were my roommates.  Went outside of the room and saw a note. I opened it and it said that I was chosen to have a buggy.
"Woo hoo!" I yelled.
 "Shut up" Hana yelled.
 I went down to the very bottom floor. I saw lots of buggys. I also saw Matt. He must've been chosen too.
 A giant man led me to my buggy. He had a name tag that said hello. My name is maple.
 "Wow." I said.
 He grunted.
 I went in my buggy. It was a blackish purple with a hint of red.
 I noticed that there was a keyhole that was shaped like a h. Just like what Matt said yesterday.
  "strange." I said to myself.
Entree July 18, 2142
I never told you this but there was this blue light. It was speechless. Wonderful. Blue.

July 4, 2137
  "Hey... umm dude"
  "Oh! It's Mar... Myers. Yeah. My name is Myers." 
  "Cool. Check this out." Matt said.
  He held a 4-d photo. 4-d photos are photos that are...umm...Popish. They also move and are quite expensive. Much more expensive than a 3-d photo. They just are popish. Then there are the old 2-d photos. Never saw one before. I once heard rumors that they were once black and white. Boy! Cavemen must've built the B&W photos. Hehe. 
  Anyway, 4-d cameras are about $5000.00. Very rare. He must of came from the richest family in the world.
  "Wow." I said. "It's... blue."
  "I know." he said. "I used my trusty fdmsd."
  "Say what now?" I said super fast.
  "Fourth dimensional micro surveillance droid. I made it myself." he said with to much pride and to much nasal.
  The FDMSD was small. Probably half a millimeter.
  "So... what is this" I said holding the photo.
  "To tell you the truth. I don't really know." 
"It's blue and it gets big and it gets small. It's smoky but the smoke is blue. Where did your... fdsmd find it?"
"FDMSD! I was looking around and found a locked door. There was a tiny keyhole just like that mysterious keyhole in the jet. I took her out and pushed her into the keyhole and in the the room was a bar. And a big blue light. I recorded and uploaded it onto my iPad v.9." 
"Ipad!" I thought. "He's definitely rich."
"I putted it on my 4-d camera and on from there."
"Well... lets find that key."

July 5, 2137
It wasn't hard finding Matt. He is always... there. Also, jackson wanted to come.
We all went to the captain, Aubrey Falconer, on the very top floor and asked him about the key. 
"Umm. That well. Umm. I don't really know what that is." he said in the most worried voice I have ever heard.
"You are the worst lier, you know." Jackson said. "Tell us where the key is!" He said in a steady calm voice.
Never heard him talk like that. He always talks in a loud blurtish lispy voice. He also never cared about anything. Not even his life. It was like he was after the key for some other reason.
"Tell me where it is... or I'll put a fricken bullet through your nerdy head!" he yelled while holding a gun to Falconers head.
"I swear. I don't know where it his. HEHE." Aubrey said.
Jackson cocked the gun but before he shot it he was dewakatized. It was Hana. She was the one who temporary shut off his brain power.
"He doesn't need to die." she said to the unconscious body. "Hey Mark."
"Mark?" Matt said. "I thought your name is myers?"
"What!" Hana said. "Myers is his last name."
"Just ignore it." I said. "Arn't we trying to look for the key"
But before I said that. He ran off. 
"Get him!" Hana said.
So we all ran. Down the stairs. But he jumped. Down he went while Hana, Matt, and I stared. As he fell, a buggy appeared out of nowhere. Caught him. And fell. But something else happended. An extrodanary thing. Wings came out of the buggy. Wings! And it glided down to the floor.
"I never knew it could do that."
"They can do a lot more" She said. "A LOT more."
 "They?" Matt said"

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Re: Syn3h: the next generations II. Mysteries
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Posted 2010/12/29 - 2:23 GMT
I am going to write this everyday.
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Re: Syn3h: the next generations II. Mysteries
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Posted 2010/12/29 - 2:30 GMT
Keep it all in one post so you dont spam up the brand new forum
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Re: Syn3h: the next generations II. Mysteries
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Posted 2010/12/29 - 3:35 GMT
thats not very nice GTR u could have said that more politely 
good story and keep it up! im reading all of it now
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Re: Syn3h: the next generations II. Mysteries
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Posted 2010/12/29 - 3:45 GMT
Thanks. And I will keep it in one post.
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Re: Syn3h: the next generations II. Mysteries
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Posted 2010/12/29 - 3:46 GMT
Do i have to?
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Re: Syn3h: the next generations II. Mysteries
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Posted 2010/12/31 - 5:30 GMT
It'd be nice. ;)

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