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All glory is from daring to begin...
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/01/05
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The dust was back. I rolled over, barely avoiding a large boulder, and leapt to my feet. I dragged Falconer up, and we bounded over the detritus. Falconer was angry, I could see that, and he wasn't keen about the evacuation.
"We're all going to die, Aubrey," I cried. "If we don't get out as soon as we can." But Falconer shook his head.
"No...no...we have to use our cannons on it."
"You know that won't work."
"But we can at least hold it off!" I paused.
"You mean you're going to accept the evac?" Falconer sneered.
"Yes, I'm going to accept the darn evacuation." He pushed past me. I followed my rifle ready. The entire hangar had been destroyed, and I sealed it off. Gas pipes burst and, with all the sparks in the air, erupted int great torrents of flames.
Suddenly a huge fireball roared down the corridor behind us. Falconer saw it.
"Nicholas! SEAL IT OFF!" I sealed the furthest door away, but it didn't take it long to melt through it. I was shocked, as these doors were over a metre thick, and were constructed over Sparodine, the strongest metal we had. This was bad. Very bad.
We raced through doors, sealing them off as we went, but we heard doors almost 'popping' behind us. Falconer was sweating lightly - I was dripping. We eventually reached the main dome, with the fireball not far behind us. The evacuation was almost complete; we just needed to load on as many vehicles as possible. The fireball was getting nearer. The two of us boarded the rocket, and ran up to the cockpit at the top. We were holding the fireball off with heavy-duty sprinklers infused with Carbon Dioxide. We used foam sprayers, but they weren't very useful either. The walls of the corridors were cracking. Almost all the vehicles were loaded in - except my hovercraft. It was on the landing ramp.
Suddenly, an enormous fist smashed through the dome, and it crumbled. The creature's silhouette loomed over through the gloom. It hadn't given up, that was for sure. I stepped back, as we fired up the engines. It was a slow ignition, due to the cold, and the monster wasn't going to wait around. There was a huge impact, and the rocket shook. Another impact, and the entire structure creaked. We were losing some power. Then the whole system shuddered, the lights flickered, and the ship began to fall backward.

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