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O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/01/13
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THOSE THAT ROAM I: We Haven't Finished Yet
"A Reflector Shield! Not a simple forcefield, but a smaller shield which reflects lasers and is therefore more potent!" Pocket had been enthusing about his new idea all evening, and I, for one, didn't think much of it. I thought it to be a waste of energy, but Flynn, on the other hand, seemed to quite like the idea.
Sitfig was irresponsive, and I noticed Kruncher repairing and cleaning his rifle. Once Pocket had finally given up convincing us, he and Picard were sent out on patrol in the tank. I sat in our base, simply thinking, because I hadn't much else to do. Kruncher and Sitfig were set on a look out, and I observed them as they spoke.
"It's only a buggy," Kruncher said.
"It's not, though. It's more - it's a token. I earned it." Kruncher laughed nervously.
"Earned? How, exactly?" Sitfig narrowed his eyebrows, determined.
"I...I took out a prominent threat, and was rewarded with it." Kruncher smirked.
"Prominent threat, eh? And what was that exactly?"
"Shut up, man! No need to dig it in like that." Kruncher shrugged and kept lookout, Sitfig angrily doing the same beside him.
* * * *
Pete Madissen had been a true IASA Operative. He had worked so hard, and his greatest creation, the Hovercraft, which had been designed jointly by the famous Earth Scientist Spiffy, but engineered completely by Pete, was a staple of the British Mars Expedition. Even that Commander Nicholas had used it as his vehicle. Pete had abandoned the Mars Expedition with Flynn, Picard, and Kruncher not because he held hatred of the Expedition, but due to him being shunned, and disrespected. In fact, Falconer had even credited Spiffy as the true creator of the Hovercraft.
Although he did not hate Falconer for this, he did not like the American Commander and, as a result, decided to go somewhere his talents could be better put to use. Corporal Flynn, one of the top pilots had suggested he join him, along with the Defence Specialist, Corporal Picard, and the Weapons Specialist, Kruncher. They had formed a reliable team, eventually encamping past the Tnassa Mountains, out of the IASA Radar range. Pete had eventually, along with Picard, invented a stealth forcefield, so that IASA could not detect them even in range.
So now he, along with his usual counterpart, Corporal Picard, were cruising in the customised tank. Technically, they were patrolling the perimeter of the base. They had cruised a mile out, then patrolled the area. There was no sign of anyone, but Picard was sure that Frederiksen would strike today.
Corporal Andrew Picard, three year Defence Specialist and Cook for IASA, had been very willing to leave the Mars Expedition. They had hired the Tunisian Commander, Alahad Bakir, to become the Defence Specialist on the mission. Picard had been demoted from Sergeant to Corporal, and had been forced to man the scanners as a simple Operative. This had been due to the IASA Commander, Falconer. He attributed his loss of rank and respect to perhaps the most famous man on Earth - and on Mars. He had some skill in the sciences, and was very hopeful of finding life on Mars, even the outlook was bleak.
"Andrew, I need the scans for our last mile." Even now, Picard thought, manning the scanners. He handed them over. "Yes," Madissen continued. "There's a definite change. Something else has passed through since our last circuit." Picard groaned.
"Well, we can't just sit here. We can't afford to let anything past, even if it's just a dust storm." They slowly turned, and headed back the way they had come.
Suddenly Picard gasped and slammed the foot on the emergency brake. Pete turned around, exasperated.
"What was that for?"
"Reverse," Picard said firmly. "Pete, there's something coming in from our left. Get into some rough cover." They activated the dust screen to barely camouflage them, and moved into a bumpy area. Far off, they could see a large tank rumbling across the desert.
"Brotos?" Pete looked to Picard, who nodded.
"More than likely. Ready up weaponary, but do NOT fire unless that is the only vehicle." The approaching tank was closing in at an alarming rate, seemingly increasing in speed. Pete's hand hovered over the trigger.
"Wait for it..." Picard whispered. Brotos was indeed piloting the tank, and it raced past. Pete was about to slam his fist down, when Picard cried, "DON'T!" Pete exhaled, vexed. But then he quickly regained composure when three hovercrafts zipped past and a tank followed.
"Follow them," Picard ordered.
"I thought you'd never ask." Pete scowled.
* * * *
Flynn lay on his slab-like bed, thinking of a way to not only get Sitfig a new buggy, but to improve upon the original X-7 design. The only problem he had was that it was a delicate model, and modifications would be near useless on it.
Then he thought of Commander Nicholas. A loyal, battle-hardened man, ready for anything. A worthy member of the Roaming Six. It was a good thing they had him on their side. Perhpas he could even give them some leeway when it came to dealing with IASA. He came to realise that Sitfig could also be a useful ally, despite him being a bounty hunter -which Flynn hated - as he was an able fighter, and was almost fearless. If only there wasn't an almost...
Suddenly a shockwave rocked the base, and he sat up. He stood, and looked through the window. No sign of anything from the West. He raced down to the control station, where Sitfig, Nicholas and Kruncher were readying defences rapidly.
"What was that?" Flynn snapped.
"A long distance charge from a tank," Nicholas replied. Flynn raised his eyebrows.
"Frederiksen's been at work."
"More than at work, Flynn," Kruncher said. "There's a raiding party heading in our direction at lightning speed. We may not be ready in time." Flynn cursed under his breath.
"Kruncher, man the turret; Nicholas and Sitfig, get two hovercrafts, and get ready to defend." Sitfig shook his head.
"Those hovercrafts are no mat-"
"I don't want any discussion," Flynn cut in. "There's no other option." Kruncher reached into a chest, and hauled out a huge launcher. Flynn was startled.
'What is THAT?" Kruncher grinned, almost evilly.
'This is my buddy, the Drakonium Launcher. Frederiksen doesn't stand a chance."
* * * *
Sitfig strapped in, and started up the hovercraft. These things were pretty flimsy, but perhaps he could hold off Frederiksen for a while. He did a quick system check, and was surprised to see the hovercraft was actually in quite good shape, except that the hover was a little low. That wasn't a problem, as everything was pretty flat around there. He cruised out, Nicholas in close pursuit, and tried to make out incoming vehicles. After a while, he spotted some black dots on the horizon. He readied the cannon, and pulled back, for maximum impact. He could now clearly make out the shapes of two tanks and three hovercrafts closing in on them. He counted to ten, then, with the vehicles in range, let loose a barage of lasers.
Two hovercrafts homed in on him, bombarding him with constant attacks, dodging Sitfig's own. He spun around wildly, making great circles, attempting to knock the other two out of the air. Eventually, he managed to take one out, but it absorbed its forcefield and restarted.
"Regenerative shielding?" he cried. "Why didn't we think of this?" They clashed further, and Sitfig drew them away from the base, to give Nicholas some freedom of movement, and so that Kruncher had a better shot. Then the tanks arrived. Two mighty beasts - one even larger than Flynn's tank - pulled up, charging their dolvium cannons. The lesser of the two evils was aimed at Sitfig. He tried to avoid the blast, but the two hovercrafts had him sandwiched between them. He reversed as quickly as he could, but the blue charge rocketed across and sent his hovercraft spinning into the distance.
* * * *
The lesser tank was certainly not small, and was certainly not weak. Flynn tried to use the forcefield to destroy it, but it was no use. Kruncher was trying his utmost to take out any vehicles he could with the laser turret, but he wasn't doing so well. So he decided that needs must, and he unleahed his Drakonium Launcher. A large, crimson charge erupted from the barrel and made contact with one of the hovercrafts. It glowed white hot, then burst apart. One of its counterparts also suffered the same fate, and Kruncher was satisfied with his little buddy's power. He fired at one of the tanks, but missed. He was now out of ammunition, but Frederiksen' force was depleted.
Then, to Kruncher, Flynn, Nicholas, and a downed Sitfig's great relief, Pocket and Picard barrelled onto the battlefield in Flynn's tank. The smaller tank was crushed by a Drakonium charge, and the third and final hovercraft was fried by an EMP. Now only Brotos' tank remained. The colossal monstrosity of a tank. slowly turned, and used a white Enthretium charge to disable the forcefield on Flynn's tank. Pete now frantically raced to re-activate it, leaving Brotos with an opening in their defences. He charged up his cannon, with a final charge, knowing he was beaten, a black ball of plasma forming in the depths.
Black plasma? Flynn thought to himself. Sitfig knew not what to make of it, and neither did Kruncher. Kruncher didn't much care, but he had found some extra Drakonium charges, and was ready to take out Brotos once and for all. He leant out of the turret on the roof of the base, a little minaret like structure with multiple vantage points, and charged up his own cannon. But Commander Nicholas knew what that charge was, and his heart sank.
"KRUNCHER!!" he roared. "GET OFF THAT TURRET NOW!! THAT IS A SYNTHETIUM CHARGE!" But Kruncher's earpiece was downstairs, forgotten in the confusion. Kruncher fired, but Brotos had already spotted him, and fired back in the same direction, then, back-pedalled, and careered off into the distance.
The two charges met, and there was a red flash as the Sythetium charge enveloped the petty Drakonium one, and shot towards Kruncher's tower. It smashed into it, ceramics crumbling, bricks disintegrating. Kruncher was flipped backwards, and plummeted to the roof with a sickening crack, rolling down, resting in a crumpled heap on the edge.

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