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The End of the Beginning...
Submitted By Sprawl on 10/12/27
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Dust. There was so much dust. I spluttered, my saliva infused with the red dust. I was dried to the bone, coated with red dust. I opened my eyes more, dust settling on my iris. But I could barely feel it; I was delirious, feverish with shock. And covered in that dust. The sun blazed down upon me, reflecting off twisted metal. I could barely see, and I caught, through the glare, a silhouette of a staircase, melted and warped. I reached out my hand to grip onto something. But my hand was so dusty, glazed in dust, making my hand slip from my handhold. I choked and hacked, gagged and retched, until the dust had been repulsed from my lungs. I inhaled deeply, and staggered up.
I could hardly see the way in front of me. I tripped over metal pipes and wires intertwined with them and crashed down to the dust, smothered by the foul dirt. I pulled myself along, losing all my strength, and eventually managed to haul myself up again, only to lose my balance and collapse onto hot metal. The burning sensation made me jump backward. It was the wing of a jet. I squinted into the cockpit. There was blood, and smoke, and a lot of smashed glass. Commander Bakir sat, singed and charred, in the seat. The controls were scorched, as was most of the craft and the surrounding debris.
I peered at the sky, and saw that the forcefield was up - that was the only thing protecting me from the harsh Martian atmosphere. I stumbled along, and soon came across a body. I ran over, and realised it was Falconer. I was startled, and I tried to awaken him. But he was motionless and I couldn't feel much of a pulse. I heaved him onto my back, and abruptly crumpled, the weight of the great Commander crushing me. I crawled along the dusty, detritus filled wreckage, searching for MacDane, but he was nowhere to be found. Falconer was so heavy...
I rolled onto my back, shifting Falconer aside. Suddenly, I felt my lungs seize up. I reached for my throat, and took a deep gasp of air. I saw the forcefield was flickering. I cursed, and crudely dragged Falconer through the rubble towards the main fortress. I was seeing only a blur, and my insides were roasting as I wrenched Falconer, panting for breath, into the main fortress. I slammed my fist onto the switch to seal the entrance, over, and over, and over again, but it would not close. Finally, I slammed my head into it, and the doors hissed shut. I collapsed backward, spluttering dust from my lungs. The dust was everywhere, inside my head, inside my lungs, inside my stomach, my clothes, my eyes, my nose, my mouth. It was suffocating me - smothering me. I snorted, blowing it from my nostrils, but then there was stinging, and I cried out in pain.
I then decided that I must push Falconer in front of me. Roll him over, gradually - it was the only way, as I was no longer strong enough to carry him, or to even drag him. I rolled him for almost ten metres, then stopped, wincing and wheezing. I tried to wipe the dust out of my eyes, but I just ended up pressing more dust into them. Tears, filled with dust, ran down my face. I twisted my head to the left, and saw a lift shaft. I remembered MacDane had been hanging on at the top of one...perhaps he was at the bottom!
I dragged myself now, reaching slowly for handhelds until I got to the shaft. I looked up and down, until I fixed my eyes on what seemed to be a body. But it was definitely not MacDane's. It was Frederiksen's.
Yes - as I looked more closely, I could see the jet black hair, and the large scar down his cheek. I celebrated quietly in my heart, and backed away.
I turned and was met by Frederiksen. I was speechless, and jumped back in shock.
"How on Earth did you get here?" Frederiksen snarled back:
"We're not on Earth anymore, kid." He suddenly pounced on me trying to strangle me. The body had probably been a decoy, but what was the point of that if the result was just him finding me? I knew and cared not, and I clobbered Frederiksen around the head with some cracked metal and thrust him off the edge, letting him plummet into the murky depths of the lift shaft.

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Posted 2010/12/28 - 16:24 GMT
DANG these stories are good! It makes want to read the next one! I know I couldn't make stories like that...
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Posted 2010/12/29 - 10:03 GMT
Thanks; that's really kind of you to say that.

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