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Cowards die a thousand deaths. The valiant taste of death but once.
Submitted By Sprawl on 10/12/29
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I began to regain my strength and confidence. I had almost certainly killed Frederiksen. I looked toward Falconer, who now too began to awake. I smiled broadly.
"Captain Falconer!" he looked up slowly, and half-smiled. He reached out a hand and I heaved him up.
"B...Ba...Bakir..." he spluttered. "W-Where's B-B-Bakir...."
"He's dead, that's almost for sure." Falconer patted me on the back weakly.
"Okay...let's go..." I helped him along, until he fully regained his stamina, and we walked side-by-side.
We found a few weapons from the bodies of guards, a rifle and a pistol each. We hurried, now surging with energy, down the corridors, searching for MacDane, but it was futile; we could find him nowhere. Soon we came to a dead end. I looked up, and realised that we were at the bottom of a decayed staircase; through the gloom I could just make out a grizzled step. I asked Falconer to hold out his arms, and I propelled myself off his hands, barely reaching the first remaining part of the stairwell. I stretched out my hand, and pulled Falconer up. It was so dark, and the dust still covered us.
Then the sunlight flooded in. We were bathed in a golden blaze of warmth and sight. I saw the rest of the rotten staircase illuminated above us, like an unifinished puzzle, a patchwork of contorted, melted wires and charred wooden planks. We clambered up, slowly but surely, until Falconer stopped me.
"Listen..." and I too could hear something above us. Someone was breathing heavily, his breaths heavy and drawn out. I leapt over another gap with my pistol ready, then sprinted up the first intact segment of staircase I had seen yet, Falconer close behind.
"MACDANE!" I cried. He lay there, wheezing, coughing up some blood.
"Commander..." he croaked.
"Come on, we're going to get you out of here!" But MacDane grimaced.
"No...I'm too badly wounded - save yourselves..." I wouldn't listen to that. I hauled him onto my back, and Falconer and I shared the load. We were not going to stop at this. We were almost at the top of the staircase. We were almost at the top step, and I saw our escape looming over us.
Suddenly, a brick fell in front of us, and the dust simmered around us as if it were on fire. I manoevered around the brick, but more fell. The whole fortress rocked at its foundations, and I could barely stay standing. Falconer lost his balance, but I managed to catch him. MacDane was a heavy load, but we kept going. We reached the top and hurried down the slope toward the hangar. Rocks followed us, angrily shooting down the slope. One of them caught me in the legs, and I fell, grasping for MacDane, but it was hopeless, we slid down the slope inelegenatly, coming to a crashing halt at the bottom. The hangar was in sight, if we could only get there...rocks were everywhere...and that pungent, caustic blood red dust soaked us...and choked us...my vision was fading...

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Re: SYN3H CHRONICLES VIII: The Three Warriors
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more... More.... MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no rush......

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